2021-03-21 Good News! Final Submission deadline is April 10, 2021. Welcome to submit paper to ICEMM 2021!
2021-02-21 Good News! Submission deadline extended to March 20, 2021. Welcome to submit paper to ICEMM 2021!
2020-12-26 Good News! Submission deadline extended to February 20, 2021. Welcome to submit paper to ICEMM 2021!
2020-08-14 Good News! ICEMM 2021 will be held in Shanghai, China during May 15-18, 2021!
2020-06-16 Good News! ICEMM 2020 was successfully held via online platform during June 11-14, 2020. Thank you for your participation!
2020-04-16 News! Submission deadline extended to May 10, 2020! Welcome to submit paper to ICEMM 2020.
2020-03-16 News! Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, considering some delegates could not attend the conference because of travel restriction from home country or visiting country, except for onsite attending, the conference will be broadcasted simutanously through web platform.
2020-01-26 Good News! ICEMM 2020 2nd round submission opens, deadline is March 15, 2020.
2019-11-16 Good News! ICEMM 2020 will be held in National University of Singapore, Singapore from 11-14 June 2020.

2018-9-5 - The ICEMM 2018 conference program is now available online. Please pay attention.
2018-8-26 - Thank for all the supports. The registration is now closed.
2018-7-16 - The submission deadline has been extended till July 30, 2018. Don't miss this last chance.
2018-6-16 - New submission round is open now. Please submit your manuscript by July 15, 2018.
2018-3-20 - The conference will be held on campus of Beihang University, China. Read More.
2017-12-30 - For technical reason, the conference period has been postponed to September 14-16 2018. Sorry about the inconvenience caused.
2017-10-10 - keynote speaker Prof. Yuyuan Zhao, University of Liverpool, UK has released his profile.
2017-8-16 - welcome Prof. Quang-Cherng Hsu to deliver one speech on the conference. view
2017-7-24 - Oral Presentation & Poster Presentation instruction are given. view
2017-7-22 - Call for Papers Flyer of ICEMM 2018 is available. Please download and distribute to more people.
2017-7-18 - Welcome to attending 2018 7th International Conference on Engineering Materials and Metallurgy which will be held in Beijing, China during September 14-16, 2018.